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Periodically an outstanding Liverpool Art Society Artist is highlighted and their work is displayed in the office foyer of

Charishma Kaliyanda MP - Member for Liverpool, promoted through both Charishma Kaliyanda's and Liverpool Art Society's

social media platforms, websites and newsletters.

April | May 2024 Artist in the Spotlight 

Fangmin (jack) Wu

Fangmin (Jack) WU is an Australian artist based in Sydney. Born in China and immigrated to Australia in 1990, painting and drawing were his passion from an early age. He engaged in printmaking during his early life and has won numerous art prizes.

He won his second art prize in a provincial youth art competition in 1981 and was selected to be included in “A Great Biographic Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese Artists”. He began his solo art exhibition since 1997 after he graduated from the Sydney College of Arts with an Honours Degree in Visual Arts.


In recent years, his works have been selected for several major art exhibitions both in Australia and internationally, including:


“Coming Home” Beijing Art Exhibition (2009);

Blake Art Prize (2011, 2013);

St. George Art Prize (2012, 2014);

Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize (2015); Waverley Art Prize (2015);

Fishers Ghost Art Award (2016, 2018, 2020);

First Chinese artistic achievement art exhibition (2016),

Clifton Art Prize and Miradas International Art Prize (2018);

Highly Commended Prize at Bayside Art Prize (2018);

First Prize at Liverpool Art Prize (2020); In 2021,

Selected for the National Emerging Art Exhibition;

Winner of Werriwa art prize (2022);

His oil painting "We Are One" won the first prize of the Australian 2022 Immunisation Coalition Art Prize.


 One of the top ten Australian landscape painters in 2023 by Bluethumb, Australia's largest online art gallery.

Awarded the Overall Art Prize at the 25th Liverpool Arts Society Exhibition @ Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in 2023.


Fangmin's artistic creation is extensive, his art-making is reactionary to current international events and a reflection on social issues. In his landscape paintings, the Australian countryside, farms and villages are often the source of inspiration for his works. He hopes that his landscape paintings are more than a simple reproduction of nature - they should be works with passion and personality and bring a new perspective to the viewer. Adopting a style that blends realism with expressionism, he favours oils, acrylics and mixed mediums.

His works have been widely collected, both privately and public, notably by the NSW Nepean Public Hospital and Australian National Gallery.

Artwork by Fangmin (JACK) Wu  displayed at the office of Charishma Kaliyanda MP - Member for Liverpool

 Fangmin (JACK) Wu 

 Charishma Kaliyanda mp - member for liverpool

Liverpool Art society

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