The current Liverpool Art Society Inc. was formed in 1997 by Josephine Mula, Margaret Beadle and Jacqueline Gwynne. 


Even though there had been an Art group in the 70's and a Liverpool Art Prize which was held every year (run by Rotary & Liverpool Council), by the 90's there was no Art Society.


In early 1997, to address this pressing need, Josephine Mula, a current Life Member, called a public meeting at the Liverpool City Library. This meeting was so well attended that an inaugural meeting was held at Liverpool City Library on 8 April, 1997 and the Liverpool Art Society was formed. 


The first financial member was Jim Maidment of Casula and the officers elected were: Josephine Mula as president, Margaret Beadle (ArtMax) as vice-president, Richard Steele (of Art Matrix) as treasurer and Jacqueline Gwynne as secretary. 19 people attended this inaugural meeting and apologies were received from 7. 


The first classes were held in local community centres, and Life Drawing classes began and were sponsored by Casula Powerhouse.


In August, 1998 the Society held its first Annual Exhibition at the Casula Powerhouse and CPAC continues to support LAS in many ways, including with the Annual Exhibition.


From the original 26 members, the Society has grown to more than 200  (including 8 of the original 1997 members) and is continuing to flourish despite the fact that it has no premises of its own. Meetings, classes and workshops are held in hired community facilities.


Di Hallinan, Vice-President, 2015

Liverpool Art Society Inc.